Climate Change Stories: A Reading and Discussion

Amanda Halter and Jaime Hyat

M I T T W O C H   ( 1 9 . 0 5 . 2 0 2 1 )
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Institution: FSU Jena, Institute for English and American Studies, Ecocriticism Research Collective

Art des Beitrags: Open reading and discussion event

Beschreibung: Part of the difficulty of climate change is that the consequences of our carbon use are emerging slowly and globally, rather than in a single disaster. This makes it challenging to construct the vision and motive to fight it. Climate Change Fiction (Cli-Fi) explores the possibilities of a changing and changed world, providing a productive way to make abstract futures more immediate. In this evening event, we will read a range of Cli-Fi aloud: from children's picture books to young adult novels, poetry, short stories, and adult fiction. This evening reading provides an opportunity for you to sit back with your favorite beverage and listen in, thinking about ways we currently live and ponder what our future might look like. After the reading, we will open the space for discussion and questions.

This reading is part of the "Tea with Teachers" series hosted by the Institute for English and American Studies. The event's readers, Amanda Halter and Jaime Hyatt are current lecturers, teaching courses on topics like Environmental Children's Literature as well as Eco-Activism in American Studies. The pair are also members of the Ecocriticism Research Collective.

Anmerkungen: In English


Zugang: (Zoom)

Meeting ID: 693 3310 3397

Passcode: 171386

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